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Mobile Learning Week 2018

Mobile Learning Week is UNESCO’s flagship ICT in education conference. Co-organized by UNESCO and International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the United Nations specialized agency for ICT Mobile Learning Week 2018 was held under the theme ‘Skills for a connected world’ from 26-30 March in Paris.
Participants at the event exchanged knowledge about the ways governments and other stakeholders can define and achieve the skills-related targets specified by Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4).
The conference consisted of four related sub-events, which facilitated actions to:

  • Define and mainstream digital skills;
  • Innovate skills provision for jobs in the digital economy;
  • Close inequalities and gender divides; and
  • Map and anticipate changing skill needs

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  • Workshops - Monday 26 March

The Workshops facilitated demonstrations of innovative policies, research, projects, and mobile learning solutions. Workshop presenters were selected from wide range of international organizations, NGOs, governmental agencies, and academic institutions that are implementing digital skills development programmes.

Detailed agenda

  • Symposium – Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 March

The Symposium formed the core of Mobile Learning Week and featured opening and closing remarks from UNESCO, ITU and other partner organizations, keynote speeches, high‐level plenary addresses, and over 60 breakout sessions.

  • Policy Forum – Thursday 29 March

The Policy Forum offered a platform to discuss the different pathways that governments are using to support the development of the digital skills required in the digital economy.

  • Strategy Labs - Friday 30 March 

Strategy Labs were hosted by UNESCO and ITU partner organizations to help guide the conceptualization and refinement of projects for defining frameworks, assessing digital skills across groups and across time, and anticipating the changing needs for digital skills.