Mobile Learning Week

Mobile Learning Week is the United Nations's flagship ICT in education conference.

Held annually at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, the event convenes experts from around the world to share how affordable and powerful mobile technology – from basic handsets to the newest tablet computers – can accelerate learning for all, particularly people living in disadvantaged communities. Each year the event has a specific theme to focus discussions.

The conference is composed of numerous tracks, typically including workshops, a symposium, a high-level policy forum and a research seminar. These tracks engage a wide range of participants, including policy-makers, project managers, educators, researchers, and representatives of NGOs, international organizations and private companies.

Holistically the event seeks to advance understandings of how technology can be leveraged by UNESCO Member States and others to improve education. Mobile Learning Week is typically held early in the year, in either February or March.

Save the date: 4-8 March 2019

UNESCO and its confirmed partners - the International Telecommunication Union and the Profuturo Foundation - will convene a special edition of Mobile Learning Week under the theme ‘Augmented human intelligence and humanity’ from 4 to 8 March 2019.

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to accelerate the process of achieving SDG 4. It promises to reduce barriers to access, analyse learning patterns and optimise learning processes with a view to improve learning outcomes. On the other hand, the penetration of AI in education comes with concerns related to ethics, security and human rights. Without policy intervention, the commercial deployment of AI will also further exacerbate digital divides and deepen existing income and learning inequalities, as marginalised and disadvantaged groups are more likely to be excluded from AI-powered education.

This new edition will examine how the international educational community, governments, private companies, civil society organizations and other stakeholders can join forces to:

  • ensure inclusive and equitable use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education;
  • leverage AI to enhance education and learning;
  • promote skills development for jobs and life in the AI era; and
  • safeguard transparent and auditable use of education data.

UNESCO is now calling for proposals on the participation of Workshop and Symposium sessions during Mobile Learning Week under the four subthemes mentioned above. For more information and to submit a project proposal, go to the following links:

You can already register to participate.

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