MINEPS VI - Kazan 2017

Sixth International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport (MINEPS VI) - Kazan, Russian Federation - 13-15 July 2017


© UNESCO/Jussy Pizarro Chizan

Main themes and sub-topics

The Conference agenda is structured around three main themes, including specific sub-topics that will be further specified during the preparatory process:

Theme I:  Developing a comprehensive vision of inclusive access for all, including

  • national sport strategies and plans;
  • the cooperation between public authorities, sports organizations and other stakeholders;
  • gender equality;
  • non-discrimination; and,
  • quality physical education.

Theme II:  Maximizing the contributions of sport to sustainable development and peace, including

  • physical activity and health;
  • social inclusion;
  • values and civic education;
  • youth empowerment;
  • national cohesion;
  • urban planning;
  • indigenous and traditional games;
  • sport in post-conflict settings;
  • major sport events;
  • sport and ecology/ climate change; and,
  • sport and economic development.

Theme III:  Protecting the integrity of sport, including                     

  • good governance of sports organizations;
  • fight against the manipulation of sports competitions;
  • fight against doping;
  • protection of participants, spectators and workers;
  • child protection;
  • fight against sexual exploitation and misconduct; and,
  • prevention education and awareness raising.