MINEPS VI - Kazan 2017

Sixth International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport (MINEPS VI) - Kazan, Russian Federation - 13-15 July 2017


© UNESCO/Jussy Pizarro Chizan


According to CIGEPS/Resolution/2015/3, MINEPS VI will focus on the implementation and its monitoring of the Declaration of Berlin, adopted by MINEPS V and the new International Charter of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport.

MINEPS VI is expected to mark a shift from declarations of policy intent towards measurable action. Consequently, the conference is expected to agree on a plan of actions to which the ministers commit.

As the Charter and the Declaration are unique references for fostering a strategic, integrated vision of physical education, physical activity and sport amongst main stakeholders, specific guidelines and tools for developing such a vision and fostering multi-stakeholder cooperation at the national level can be expected as a further priority of MINEPS VI including, for example, a central repository of national sport policy plans and strategies.

Pursuant to Resolution 38 C/47, a common framework for the international follow up to the Declaration of Berlin and the International Charter will be developed. As this common framework is expected to serve as a unified, international reference for orienting policy makers, especially, public sport authorities and the sport movement, it will also need to reflect the sustainable development goals (“SDGs”, Agenda 2030), that recognize the role of sport as “an important enabler of sustainable development”.

A clarification of the linkages between the Declaration and the Charter, on the one hand, and the SDGs, on the other hand, will be particularly important to ensure synergies and coherence in related implementation and monitoring at international and country levels.