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The manuscript of Ubayd Zakoni's Kulliyat and Hafez Sherozi's Gazalliyt (XIV century)

Registration year: 2003
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This is a rare manuscript (XIV century), a great example of Tajik-Persian Classic Literature, which is considered a brilliant achievement of the world’s cultural heritage. The role of spiritual heritage of Tajik literature proves the richness of ancient and modern literature.

It is known that western Europeans and Americans became acquainted with this literature only in 16th century while eastern peoples –Indians, Arabs, Armenians, Georgians and Turks were aware of it from the very beginning.

This unique combination manuscript consists of two parts: the complete works ("Kulliyat") of Ubayd Zakoni (the famous Tajik -Persian writer) and well-known poet Hafiz Sherozi "Gazalliyt". This is most the ancient version of the manuscript of Ubayd Zakoni and Hafiz Sherozi in the world, the only one of its kind, which was re-writen only 35 years of after the death of Ubayd Zakoni and 9 years after the death of Hafiz Sherozi. The Manuscript has a special design with Hafiz’ poems located around Ubaid Zakoni’s text.

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