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The Alfred Nobel Family Archives

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The Nobel Family Archive (Nobelska arkivet) in the Regional Archives in Lund mainly originates from the industrial enterprises of Alfred Nobel's father, Immanuel Nobel, of his brothers Robert Nobel and Ludvig Nobel Sr, as well as of his nephew, Ludvig Nobel Jr during the period ca 1840 – 1900. The main part of the archive is related to the family's industrial and commercial activities in imperial Russia, particularly the production of land and sea mines intended for the Russian armed forces and the family's petroleum plants at Baku. The records thus reflect the enterprising traditions and inventiveness of the Nobel family, which constitute an important background to Alfred Nobel's life as an inventor, international industrialist and donor of world importance.

Alfred Nobel's archive (Alfred Nobels arkiv) at the National Archives in Stockholm is complete, rich and full of nuances. In his copy books and correspondence we can follow the talented inventor and industrialist day by day: restlessly busy, travelling, negotiating, carrying on lawsuits, etc. His papers give evidence of an inexhaustible creativity and energy resulting in new ideas and projects. His professional role is fully documented in his archival remains. The private side of his life, though the time left for this was limited, is documented as well. It appears in his correspondence in questions of war and peace with Bertha von Suttner as well as in his exchange of letters with his friend Sofie Hess. Among his literary remains we find the famous but abstruse drama Nemesis. And there is of course his will, which more than one hundred years after his death makes sure that he will never be forgotten as a great donor.

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