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Medieval manuscripts on medicine and pharmacy

Registration year: 2005
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The present collection of medical manuscripts is unique. Some of these manuscripts are available only in this collection. Only a few manuscripts of other books have been recorded in the manuscript depositories of the World. However, all of these books are fundamental works and once were widely used all over the Muslim World. With time many manuscripts were lost. Therefore, the present collection is unique and irreplaceable. It is kept by the Institute of Manuscript of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (IMANAS) named after Mahammad Fuzuli. 

Three items are being nominated for inscription on the Register as a set of documents on a specific theme. These are the: 

  • Zakhirai-Nizamshahi (Supplies Of Nizamshah) by Rustam Jurjani. 
  • Al-Qanun Fi at-Tibb (Canon Of Medicine, The Second Book) by Abu Ali Ibn Sina (Avicenna). 
  • Al-Makala as-Salasun (Thirteen Treatise) by Abu al-Qasim al-Zahravi (Abulcasis).
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