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Esther's book. © Fondation Martin Bodmer

Bibliotheca Bodmeriana (1916-1971)

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With over 150,000 manuscripts, printed books, drawings and archeological pieces, the Bodmer Library is the result of nearly a century of acquisitions and research conducted by the creator of the collection, Martin Bodmer, between 1916 and 1971: this exceptional bibliophile was able to materialize – a unique case in the world – Goethe’s concept of “Weltliteratur” by compiling, among others, prestigious copies, ancient and rare, of big names in literature, religion, history or science. This “spiritual bastion” has become the refuge of an impressive procession of authors and immortal texts from all major civilizations since the dawn of writing until the twentieth century.

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Esther's book. © Fondation Martin Bodmer
Esther's book.
© Fondation Martin Bodmer
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