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Basagic Collection of Islamic Manuscripts

Registration year: 1997
Submission year: 

The Bašagic collection of Islamic manuscripts from the holdings of the University Library in Bratislava contains unique sources of world Islamic culture and through its significance as an outstanding and comprehensive documentation of Bosnia's written literature in 16th-19th centuries and a unique evidence of literary (prose, poetry) and scientific (Islamic theology, law, history, philosophy, Korans sciences, traditions, Islamic mysticism) activities of Bosnian Muslim scholars writing in Arabic, Turkish and Persian languages reaches world-wide importance. The collection is showing the history of Bosnia, Turkish state administration and religious situation in Bosnia in 16th-19th centuries. After the fire of National Library in Sarajevo it has become also the solitary and rare collection of documents of Bosnian Muslim literature.
The collection contains 284 volumes of manuscripts including 589 individual works: 393 Arabic, 117 Turkish and 88 Persian.

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