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Biblioteca Palafoxiana

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The Palafoxiana Library of Puebla (Biblioteca Palafoxiana) -the only library in America - that reflects European inheritance and its bloom faithfully in America today, has as its objective to make accessible, to the widest possible public, the information that is contained in its more than 41 thousand books and unique manuscripts; part of a selected bibliographical collection extending from 1473 to 1821 (19,172 records).

The Biblioteca Palafoxiana, founded in 1646, is the first public library in America and faithfully conserves its tradition of intellectual and cultural European heritage. The library seeks a true link with the society that saw its establishment and to be integrated in the universe of information that similar institutions offer in other parts of the world by means of the use of the most modern communication techniques like the Internet ( and the multimedia technology. The Biblioteca Palafoxiana is an open library for knowledge.

The Biblioteca Palafoxiana of Puebla is noted for its authenticity and bibliographical wealth, building and bookcases, with more than 41,000 volumes among those that the library preserves as well as world unique manuscripts, there are 9 incunabula:

It has a unique wealth that has yet to be determined by the world scientific community. As it is still located in the same building since 1646 it is the only existing testimony in America.

Rareness and integrity:
- The distribution and order of the library is distinguished for a collection that responds to a classification of books for more than 200 years

Universal accessibility:
# Internet and multimedia technology (
- The web page works from March of 2003 with more than 9,000 virtual visits offers direct communication with the library, virtual visits, exhibitions, history, and complete catalogue of the Library and future and present projects of the Biblioteca Palafoxiana. The web page and the multimedia elements are generated under the consultantship of specialized institutions.

# Exhibition room and reference room - Approaches the bibliographical treasures through an exhibition room under the strictest norms of security, conservation and divulge; inaugurated in July 2003 to the date has received more than 25,000 spectators o Interactive room _ it offers a real and tangible approach to the historical and cultural patrimony of the Biblioteca Palafoxiana. More than 29 thousand people of all ages have lived the experience of knowing the world of the book, through exhibitions and workshops for all public.

# Palafoxiana mobile - In an effort of cultural democratization, the mobile Palafoxiana travels to economically excluded communities of difficult access, the essence of the Biblioteca Palafoxiana, in a vehicle created especially to wake up the interest of children and youths on its patrimony.
The Biblioteca Palafoxiana of Puebla through its internal actions has the goal of accessibility of the information in it contained through the suitable methods for the different visitors, researchers and public interested in this Library.

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