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Archives of the CODESA (Convention For A Democratic South Africa) 1991 - 1992 and Archives of the Multi-Party Negotiating Process 1993

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Records concerning the Convention for a Democratic South Africa (CODESA) launched at the World Trade Centre in Kempton Park on 20 December, 1991. Nineteen South African political parties took part in the talks. The Declaration of Intent, signed during CODESA, is one of the most important documents in the South African history as in this document almost all the parties involved in the struggle agreed to put negotiation before an armed conflict. The Declaration of Intent led to a Peace Accord which opened the way for successful talks with the 1994 democratic elections as a result. Records concerning the Multi Party Negotiating Forum (MPNF) started on 1 April 1993 at the World Trade Centre in Kempton Parle. Twenty-six parties were involved. Many technical committees were established and many important issues were decided. In a world context the process happening in South Africa must be seen against the background of the fall of communism in Eastern Europe starting in 1989 in Poland and ending with the breakup of the Soviet Union towards the end of 1991. This collapse led to the end of the Cold War. A feeling of freedom and democracy spread the globe and it also impacted in South Africa.

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