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The Archives of Suzhou Silk from Modern and Contemporary Times

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The Archives of Suzhou Silk from Modern and Contemporary Times cover technical research, production management, trading and marketing, and the foreign exchange of many Suzhou silk enterprises and organizations from the 19th century to the end of 20th century. These archives are composed of different forms including written records and silk samples with high preservation value. These archives contain 29,592 volumes, consisting of design drawing, specification sheet, purchase order and product sample. These archives have witnessed the change of Chinese silk industry from the traditional workshop to industrial production. In these archives, there are a large number of export trade certifications and pattern designs with international elements in accordance with the export target preferences, which reflect the East-West trade exchanges and culture changes of more than a century. The historical and international significance of the archives also echoes with the current exchanges between countries along the route of “Belt and Road” initiative. 

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