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Ignacio Ellacuría’s Documentary Fond: Historical Reality and Liberation

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Ignacio Ellacuría, Spanish born and naturalized Salvadoran, is a nationally and internationally recognized intellectual, not only for his theoretical contributions to theology and philosophy of liberation regarding Latin American reality, but also for his role in the search for a negotiated solution to the internal armed conflict in El Salvador in the eighties. He was among the group of Jesuits who were killed in their academic center by the army in November 16, 1989. Ignacio Ellacuría’s Documentary Fond is a collection of documents inherited by the Society of Jesus from the personal belongings of Ignacio Ellacuría, a jesuit priest, former president of Central American University of El Salvador in the period 1979-1989. The Fond gathers handwritten documents, notes, lectures and class outlines, typed articles, newspaper cuttings, audio recordings of his classes and other personal documents. Almost all of his intellectual production can be found among this documents, both at philosophical and theological level as well as valuable socio-political analysis and critical interpretations of the Salvadoran and Central American reality, especially in the seventies and eighties. The documentation generated by Ignacio Ellacuría dates from 1949-1989, and reflects the social and political crises that occurred during that period in El Salvador and Central America.

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