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Jāme’ al-Tavarikh

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Jami al-Tavarikh written by Rašid-al-Din Fażl-Allāh Ṭabib Hamadāni (1247-1318) includes history of prophets (from Adam to the prophet of Islam), history of Islam up to Abbasids, history of the ancient Iran up to the time of the author as well as the history of several countries like China, India, (Indus and Kashmir), European lands, Christian Popes and Israelites which have been written down based on the sources available to the author. Rashid al-Din was the founder of new Persian historiography in the Middle Ages. His method of historiography can be compared with the historiography of the European Renaissance historians.The most important section of the book is in terms of historiography related to the history of Mongols and Ilkhanid’s governance over Iran. Two precious manuscripts of this book have been presented in this nomination file. The first manuscript was written in 1004 H. /1595 in 305 folios. The second manuscript was written in 1074 H. /1665. Both manuscripts are kept in the Royal Library of Iran and enjoy unrivaled artistic features.

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