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Official Records of Macao During the Qing Dynasty (1693-1886)

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The Collection, predominantly holds records written in Chinese (with a large portion in Portuguese) , comprises over 3,600 documents created and received by the Procuratura of the Leal Senado (Office of the Procurator of the Loyal Senate of Macao) in the course of its official business transaction with the Chinese Authorities from Guangdong from 1693 to1886. This collection testifies to the importance of the port of Macao in serving as a meeting of the West and East and their cross-cultural interaction. It also documents the colonial expansion of the West and the in its wake rapid transformation of the Asian societies, especially in China. Moreover, the Collection is a major and original source for the understanding of Qing’s peculiar “foreign policy” on dealing with the “barbaric” West from its heyday to its decline in the late 19th Century and the unique role Macao played in this historical process. 

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