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Radio Broadcast of the Philippine People Power Revolution

Registration year: 2003
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The collection of sound recordings of 44 audiocassette tapes and 1 mini-disc document the actual, unedited day-to-day radio broadcast of Radio Veritas, (a Catholic –owned radio station at the outskirts of Manila), DZRJ/DZRB, Radio Bandido, (a privately-owned radio station in Quezon City then under the Ministry of National Defense), DZRH (a privately-owned radio station in Manila) and Voice of the Philippines (a government-owned radio station taken over by the people led by Radio Veritas on the 24th of February, 1986). 

The People Power Revolution was possibly a unique political event of the 20th century which stirred the world: the peaceful overthrow of an entrenched dictatorship through a spontaneous popular uprising, documented and influenced by the 20th century medium of radio. The unbroken radio record over four days in 1986 is an unvarnished chronicle of a nation and its people at a crucial time in its history. The world listened, watched and read. The event will forever be a reference point for the peaceful resolution of deep national crises.

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