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Odette Mennesson Rigaud holdings

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The ‘Milo Rigaud/Odette Mennesson-Rigaud’ holdings represent nearly half a century of ethnographic research carried out by Mrs Mennesson-Rigaud. This compilation of document recollecting the evolution of Haitian Vodou covers the vodou of Port-au-prince and other regions. It includes four hundred eighty-eight documents, notes and records songs, schoolbags, drawings ... and covers a very specific period in time 1944-1969 which correspond to an anti-superstitious post-campaign period against Vodou. Entrusted to the Bibliothèque Haïtienne des Pères du Saint-Esprit whose building was destroyed in the 12 January 2010 earthquake, the collections have been recovered, but are now in boxes stored in a shed.

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Odette Mennesson Rigaud holdings

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