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“Doubts stemming from inspections” formulated by schools inspectors and addressed to the Society on 25 March 1784. Jagiellonian University Archive, Catalogue number – Manuscript 450, p. 244-245.

Description: Documentary heritage submitted by Poland and recommended for inclusion in the Memory of the World Register in 2007. The National Education Commission Archives - a collection of records and documents created in the years 1773-1794 in Poland- are a product of the activity of the National Education Commission (abbreviation: NEC; in Polish: Komisja Edukacji Narodowej, abbrev. KEN) appointed by the Sejm (Parliament) of the Republic of Poland which carried out a general reform of the education system that was unique in Europe and the contemporary world, following a uniform, complete curriculum and organisational concept which was introduced consistently throughout the country and which had decisive social and political impacts, sowing the seeds of the national identity. The records and documents depict all aspects of the implemented reform: the concept, methods of completion, the organisational system and resources used. The inventive reforms of NEC are reflected in the slogan “Education is public interest”. The National Education Commission was the first “Ministry of Education” in the world.

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