Podobizna hrabete Jana Václava z Gallasu

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Podobizna hrabete Jana Václava z Gallasu (patron disputace, k níž zhotovena tato univerzitní teze)

Description: Univerzitní teze Františka Ignáce Schertzera. Mezzotinta (autor puvodní kresby a rytec Jan Jakub Thummer, Praha). sign. Th. 306. "Collection of 526 prints of university theses from 1637-1754": Documentary heritage submitted by Czech Republic and recommended for inclusion in the Memory of the World Register in 2011. The Prague collection of 526 university theses is the largest collection of its kind related to a single educational establishment: in this case, Charles University, the oldest university in Central Europe. It uniquely embodies the phenomenon of baroque culture in the European university environment and provides irreplaceable comparative material for European universities or other types of schools, but whose collections have unfortunately been preserved to a lesser extent. While the textual component of this important historical source adds to what we know about the nature of university philosophical studies and the official university ceremonies in the 17th and 18th centuries, the visual component significantly enriches and deepens our understanding of the highly sophisticated baroque iconography and baroque graphic art.

Collections: collection_of_526_prints_of_university_theses_from_1637-1754
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