50th Anniversary

of UNESCO's Man & the Biosphere Programme



50 years celebrating life

UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Programme was created in 1971 with a vision: promote a sustainable connection between people and nature.

As it evolved, the original idea materialized in the designation of 'biosphere reserves', living laboratories that boost nature-based solutions for sustainable development. More than that, throughout this amazing network, it formed a global movement representing all members of communities, infusing the Programme with vitality and permanent innovation.

In 2021, the World Network of Biosphere Reserves will unite in its diversity pay a tribute to those who have shaped the programme into this quest for a more harmonious living in each of the world's ecosystems. It's about life!

The Programme, explained

What is UNESCO's MAB Programme?

Miguel Clusener Godt, Secretary of UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme and Director of UNESCO’s Division of Earth and Ecological Sciences, presents an overview of the Programme and the World Network of Biosphere Reserves, including figures, curious facts and his views on both its track record and path ahead.

Holding a Masters in Biology/Ecology and a PhD in Ecology, Dr Clusener Godt had been working in the Programme for 28 years when he was designated to lead it in June 2018. He retired in 2021.