Legal Affairs

Office of International Standards and Legal Affairs

Office of International Standards and Legal Affairs (LA) is a central service reporting directly to the Director-General. The responsibilities of the Office are:

  • to provide legal advice to the General Conference, the Executive Board and various meetings convened by UNESCO and to all the intergovernmental bodies established by the General Conference and the Executive Board and those established for the implementation of the conventions;
  • to provide legal advice on questions arising for the Organization and concerning its Constitution, statutory texts and regulations, its privileges and immunities; to provide advice on the conclusion and application of agreements with Member States or other organizations and on contracts to which the Organization is a party;
  • to represent the Organization before the Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organization and other international tribunals or dispute resolution boards;
  • to assist in the drawing up and application of international standard-setting instruments and to exercise depository functions of the Director-General in relation to international treaties; and
  • to serve as the secretariat of the Committee on Conventions and Recommendations of the Executive Board and of the Credentials Committee and the Legal Committee of the General Conference.