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IPDCtalks 2018: Good Laws and Practices for Open Societies

Social Media Kit

In order to raise global awareness on the importance of access to information, free and independent journalism and freedom of expression, the IPDCtalks has launched the IPDCtalks 2018 Social Media / Press Kit. 

We invite you to download the below PDF of the Social Media Kit, and share the visibility materials among your networks, to encourage people to register to attend the event or to watch the live webstream. 

Download all media for the social kit here:

This pack includes media and suggested copy for: 
•    1 Promotional Video
•    5 Inspirational Quote Posts
•    1 GIF Post
•    2 Countdown Posts
•    2 Web Banners

Please feel free to use all or any of the following materials, changing to suit your own voice and brand guidelines. 

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