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IPDCtalks 2018: Good Laws and Practices for Open Societies

Regional IPDCtalks


The main event of the IPDCtalks will be held in the City of Tunis on September 27. However, events will also be held in other eight
countries The IPDCtalks discussions will take place around the world during the week commemorating the International Day of Universal Access to Information.

Select the region of your interest and join one of the IPDCtalks.
• IPDCtalks in Afghanistan (Kabul)
• IPDCtalks in Colombia (Bogotá)
• IPDCtalks in The Gambia (Banjul)
• IPDCtalks in Jordan (Amman)
• IPDCtalks in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
• IPDCtalks in Namibia (Windhoek)
• IPDCtalks in Pakistan (Peshawar)
• IPDCtalks in Palestine (Ramallah)