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IPDCtalks 2018: Good Laws and Practices for Open Societies


What are the IPDCtalks?

The IPDCtalks are a global event series that aim to create world-wide discussion on how to foster open societies and inspire better laws and practices in the field of access to information. Global public and community leaders, journalists, NGOs and digital pioneers are invited to IPDCtalks to share their achievements and initiatives with an audience of local and global stakeholders. The talks are streamed live, fueling a global conversation on social media about the importance of access to information. The third annual IPDCtalks will be held in Tunis, Tunisia on 27 September, with eight satellite IPDCtalks in other countries to celebrate the International Day for Universal Access to Information.

Who are IPDC?

UNESCO’s  International Programme for the Development Of Communication (IPDC) is a multilateral forum in the UN system designed to mobilize the international community to discuss and promote media development and access to information around the world. The Programme not only provides support for media projects, but also seeks an accord to secure a healthy environment for the growth of free and pluralistic media in developing countries.


How much does it cost to attend?  

There are no attendance fees, and you can register for the event in Tunisia here:
Attendees are expected to cover all other travel costs. 
For any travel or visa-related questions, we kindly advise you to contact your Embassy and/or travel agencies.

Is there a livestream?

Yes, there will be a live webstream on the day. If you would like to receive a notification of the stream, and any other news about the event, please register here: