Building peace in the minds of men and women

IPDCtalks 2016

Mon, 26 Sep -
10:30 to 13:00

Session one: A selection of key SDGs

Francesco Cavallari

Founder and president of Video Games Without Borders (Italy)

We believe that games can bring education in emergencies, fundraising for NGOs, raise awareness about the suffering of war... in fact that's exactly what we are doing."

While starting as a video game producer, Mr. Cavallari decided to become a social entrepreneur who founded Video Games Without Borders. He is now applying his passion to enrich the non-profit sector and maximize the positive contribution of video games to society. Mr. Cavallari is founder and president of Video Games Without Borders; he previously served as production director at Ubisoft, one the world’s video games producing companies.

Mr. Cavallari will highlight how innovative use of ICT can enhance universal access to information.

Watch Mr. Cavallari’s IPDCtalk here: