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Internet Governance Glossary (IGG)

Development process

To ensure the widest dissemination of the glossary, inclusive consultation and feedback mechanisms such as online consultations and face-to-face discussions were integrated into the project.

Below, a list of major steps followed for the achievement of the expected result:

  • Mapping key documents on the IG issues for the development of a draft glossary

    For the preparation of the draft glossary of IG terms in English and in consultation with a number of partners, a significant number of major documents (more than 160) have been identified and analyzed as well as results incorporated in the initial list of terms on Internet governance issues.

  • Preparation of a draft glossary of the IG terms in English

    A number of experts from the field of terminology, IG and other relevant fields were consulted and contributed to the development of that initial list of terms. The draft of the IG glossary in English included all identified IG terms.

  • Public consultations

    The draft glossary was used for public online consultations with experts representing national, regional and international professional organizations. Based on the comments and recommendations received, a pre-final version of IG terms in English was prepared, then translated and used for the adaptation and localization of the IG terms in Arabic.

  • Localization of the glossary of IG terms into Arabic and validation process

    Another round of public consultations was initiated involving relevant experts and organizations from Arab speaking countries. The draft glossary of the IG terms in Arabic is revised and used for the face-to-face validation meeting in Paris, France at UNESCO Headquarters.

  • Distribution

    The final e-document is published online and distributed by the partners during international events and capacity building workshops.