Internet Governance Glossary (IGG)

About the Internet Governance Glossary

The Internet Governance Glossary (IGG) project aims to provide Arabic-speaking countries and communities with a glossary on Internet governance (IG). The partners involved in the preparation of the project proposal were keen on methodological assistance in developing a specific language tool entitled ‘A Glossary of IG terms’ in English and to localize it into Arabic by working in close collaboration with Arabic-speaking and international experts and organizations involved in IG, IT and linguistics. The aim is to facilitate involvement and participation of Arabic-speaking countries and communities in the multi-stakeholder processes, particularly on Internet governance issues.

It is expected that the tool will be used by Arabic-speaking countries and communities around the world, particularly national professional organizations working in the field of language policy development, stakeholders involved in Internet governance (IG) and other multi-stakeholder processes, and Arabic speakers in general. It can also be seen as an initiative to comply with the need for continuous terminology planning, institutional capacity building and effective coordination mechanisms at regional and country levels.