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IGCP 740 West Makran Paleo-tsunami Investigation

Project Updates


The project organised and will organise a series of meetings: 

  • April: Kick off online meeting
  • May: Fieldwork in Iran
  • August: Fieldwork in Iran
  • November: International workshop in Iran and online

During phase-4, an extension of the project will be done in Pakistan or Oman in a much shorter time, because of the training and knowledge transfer that has been done during previous stages. The tentative project execution duration will be 36 months with expert teams’ participation from Iran, India, Pakistan, Oman, ICG/IOTWMS, and other interested experts from Makran region and international agencies. The local and active “Tsunami and Earthquake Research Center (TERC)” in western Makran will do its utmost to coordinate the task in Iran, similar nodal agencies will be identified by respective countries. 

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First Workshop for West Makran Paleo-tsunami Investigation- 29th  October 2021

A workshop involving the International Oceanographic Commission and UNESCO’s IGCP Secretariat was organized on the 29th October 2022, results were presented to 57 participants from 11 countries.




Brief outline of the project

Recent studies show that Oman, Pakistan, Iran and India were repeatedly hit by tsunamis in historical times. However, it is still unclear how strong these events were and what was the height of the tsunami waves. Keeping in view the indistinct structure of Makran subduction zone, which lies between Iran and Pakistan to the north of Arabian Sea, as well as inconsistent historical tsunami records, the paleo-tsunami studies play an important role for further assessment of the region. Boulder deposits and fine-grained sediments from the north coast of Oman allow the researchers to estimate the times and recurrence intervals of past tsunamis. Such information guides mitigation efforts as it allows for better risk scenarios and reduce human and material losses from future tsunamis.

Related information

  • duration: 2021 - 2022
  • Geohazards theme