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Project Updates - 2022

The first Project meeting in 2022 was via MS Teams on March 18th. Ten participants represented ten member countries and brought conclusions about public visibility, time schedule of events and improvements to be done to extend the Project for five years as planned in the Project proposal.

Two-day online workshop EARTH SCIENCES FOR SOCIETY – “Future Earth and Preparing Life” took place 28 – 29 March 2022, organized by Turkish National Commission for UNESCO and IGCP 737 as a partner. Various issues in Earth Sciences education were discussed:

  • state of art
  • methods to enhance Earth Sciences in school curricula,
  • how to improve popularization of Earth Sciences (geology in particular),
  • how to raise public awareness of the importance of geology and geoheritage,
  • how to achieve better financial support for Earth Sciences and achieve better recognition of geology in STEM.

Two project participants (Martina Stupar and Ljerka Marjanac) prepared and submitted an abstract to present the IGCP 737 Project at the 6th Slovenian Geological Congress in October 2022 in Section “I know, I see, I protect”.


6 – 9 October 2022

The main event for the year will be the 1st International Symposium GEOPARK & SCIENCES – From Research to Geotourism 6 – 9 October 2022, Rab Island, Croatia. The Symposium aims to connect scientists of various scientific disciplines (from natural to social sciences), educators, destination managers and tourist workers, medical workers, local communities, non-governmental organizations, and decision-makers to establish foundations for the strategic development of a geopark on a national or local level. 


9 – 12 October 2022

Then there will also be an IGCP 737 Project Field Workshop "GLACIAL GEOLOGICAL HERITAGE IN CROATIA“ from 9 – 12 October 2022, in Starigrad-Paklenica, Croatia. The workshop will include a presentation of the glacial geological heritage of Croatia, the state of the art in geoconservation and activities in each member-country of the ProGEO Regional group for south-east Europe, Geoconservation and geotourism and an IGCP project meeting.


Download a Full Report on 2022 activities.



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Brief outline of the project

Raising public awareness, particularly among decision and policymakers, about geoheritage and its vulnerability as much as its values in sustainable development is paramount for achieving sustainable development. This project aims to (1) provide the state of art in geoconservation in country-members of the ProGEO Southeast European Working Group, (2) transfer and exchange knowledge of best practices in geoconservation through scientific meetings, field courses and publications,(3) develop an educational program on geoheritage, geoconservation and its application for sustainable development, (4) implement the program into regular school curricula, faculty programs (especially for Geology, Geography, Tourism), and lifelong learning, (5) harmonize and improve geoheritage and geosite frameworks for aspiring geoparks, (6) promote national geoparks that strengthen and empower local communities to ensure that the geological importance of an area can be preserved and promoted for science, education, tourism and culture.

Related information

  • duration: 2021 - 2022
  • Special topic: Geoheritage for Sustainable Development theme


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