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IGCP 730 Hydrogeological Significance of Mediterranean Geoparks

Project Updates


The meeting of the project's second workshop will take place in Madrid / Spain in the period between 18 – 23 July 2022.

730 project conducted several fieldtrips to geoparks sites in Spain, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

One physical workshop was held in Marrocco in August 2021 with field visits to Zat Valley near Marrakesh. This visit focused on the geological complexity of the region from a hydrogeological point of view. Two online workshops were also launched in this period.

Water sampling campaigns were carried out in Ein Samia (Palestine), Montañas do Courel and Las Loras (Spain), Azraq (Jordan), Zagouane basin (Tunisia), Zat valley (Morocco). The integrated hydrogeological investigations will include springs under cascade discharge processes (Palestine), Hydrothermal originated processes (Tunisia and Sapain), hydrogeologically complex (Morocco) and underground-depleted reservoir (Jordan and Egypt).


Brief outline of the project

This project will focus on the hydrogeological settings of potential aspiring Geoparks in the Mediterranean countries of Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Spain (Northwestern). The study will bring results in the water resources management integration from quantitative and qualitative point of views. The hydrogeological complex settings around their water sources will be determined in order to check their potentiality for initiating Geological touristic bases for strengthening the Geopark's role in their societies. The project will focus on topics addressing critical issues for the future sustainability: Water provision issues associated with climate change: hydrogeological water availability, groundwater quality and health. The innovative project results will support in achieving global water sustainability.

Related information

  • duration: 2021 - 2025
  • Hydrogeology theme



Photo: Marwan Ghanem