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IGCP 726 GEOfood for sustainable development in UNESCO Global Geoparks

Brief outline of the project

In the last 20 years, the concept of UNESCO Global Geoparks has changed the way geology and geoheritage are seen by the general public. Geoheritage is no longer restricted to specific geosites, and has become the driving force behind local sustainable development, along with other natural and cultural values.
In this context, GEOfood was created as an international movement that promotes the connections between local food and geological heritage, so that these can be used to enhance sustainable development in UNESCO Global Geoparks. GEOfood aims to increase the awareness of geological heritage and its connection to peoples’ livelihoods. GEOfood products are branded to make consumers aware of the strong connection between food production and geodiversity. This project proposes a scientific approach to GEOfood, starting from the connection between geoheritage, geodiversity, ecosystem services, food production and sustainable development. Based on this study, the project will establish methodologies for GEOfood assessment, implementation and results. It will create procedures, guidelines, printed materials and other tools to implement the concept in 26 areas around the world. The results will then be analysed and diffused in the scientific community as well as in the UNESCO Global Geopark international networks.

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  • duration: 2021 - 2026
  • Special topic: Geoheritage for Sustainable Development theme


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Project Updates - 2022

The project started in April 2021, From January till now, the numbers of members grown from 46 to 54 individual scientists joining the project, who are now visible in a table here, which is continuosly updated. 


January: meeting with Dr Jack Matthews for possible interaction between International Geodiversity Day and IGCP 726.


  • Meeting with Cuilcagh Lakelands UNESCO Global Geopark for joining the project.Cuilcagh Lakelands UNESCO Global Geopark has been updated about the project results and the board is now considering participating in the project. 
  • Digital Communication meeting took place with all the members of the communication group. This meeting brought together all project elements involved in project communication. Oliver Gulas (Styrian Eisenwurzen UGGp) presented the communication strategy, with methodologies and specific goals (media, papers, conferences, new LinkedIn page GEOfoodResearch, official hashtag #IGCP726GEOfood, model text for press releases). The main goal of this working group is to give visibility to the different stages and results of the project
  • Meeting with Lang Son province, VietNam and other delegated from UGGp in Vietnam for possible cooperation and participation in the project. 35 people attended from all the UGGp in Vietnam and Lang Son aspiring Geopark.All the Vietnamese Geoparks are now taking into consideration joining the project contributing to the research with young scientists.


  • In presence meeting within the GEOfoodEDU NORA financed project, presentation of the IGCP project to the participants. Faroes Geological Survey, KATLA Geopark, Innovation South Greenland were represented.  The action increased the awareness of the project results and supported educational activities around the GEOfood initiative. Synergies between two projects are in place, since they are both about education even though at different scale and level.The territories are all working on connecting geological heritage, geodiversity and geoscience with local development through the valorization of local foo


  • Informal meeting with members within the EGN CC Meeting in De Hondsrug where data for the phase 2 of the project was collected, though informal interviews. Three UGGp attended the preliminary informal interviews. These geoparks explained their routine for GEOfood implementation , the connection with the existing geological heritage research, the involvement of the local scientists in the project, the support from local communities, and the development of storytelling related to geoscience.
  • Devlopment of a board game dedicated to the connection between local resources, geoparks and geoscience.


Upcoming events: 

Conference 26-30 September. Dedicated session to IGCP projects, three scientists from developing countries will be involved, supported by the project meeting which will be in person.