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IGCP 719 Building Research Capacity for Coastal Resilience in West Africa

Brief outline of the project

Coastal flooding, erosion and rising sea levels are causing severe problems along the Atlantic coast in West Africa. Beaches are being destroyed because they are mined for sand; and protective mangroves are deforested to make way for urban development and expansion of the oil industry in the region. 
IGCP 719 project will use an interdisciplinary team, by engaging both social and biophysical scientists around the goal of developing coastal resilience along the coastlines of West Africa and within the mangrove ecosystems of the region. The research group will utilize an interdisciplinary approach including modelling, GIS, remote sensing, management and economics. By recruiting multiple expertise and working across multiple sites (Senegal, Ghana, and Nigeria), researchers will address site specific studies and be able to engage in comparative studies with long-term projects across these sites to capture a full spectrum of variation
The research consortium in this project - US West Africa Coastal Resilience Research Consortium (USWACRRC) is formed by governments, international agencies, NGOs, and academia from West Africa, Europe and North America and will also provide mentorship for younger researchers, especially for those in underrepresented minority groups. 

Related information

  • duration: 2021 - 2026
  • Geohazards theme