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IGCP 716 Asian Coastal Resilience Network (ACoRN)

Brief outline of the project

The Asian Coastal Resilience Network (ACoRN) project will bring together scientists and stakeholders to understand and develop solutions to reduce the impact of coastal hazards on communities in the Asian region. The core team and their respective organisations have a wide range of expertise including hydrology, Earth Observation, marine resource management, and geodatabasing. The first three years will focus on Bangladesh where, through a series of engagement workshops, the group aims to refine their understanding of the challenges faced by communities in coastal regions including sea level rise and flooding, subsidence, salinity intrusion and coastal erosion, and propose suitable solutions. Each workshop will have a different focus and attendees will include policy makers, local communities, and scientists. For the final two years of ACoRN, we will expand approaches and adapt the solutions in similarly affected regions of other partner countries – Vietnam and Thailand. Throughout the project, the group will encourage additional involvement from other countries across the continent and aims to build resilient communities in Asia. 

Related information

  • duration: 2021 - 2026
  • Geohazards theme



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