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Project 709 - High pressure-Ultrahigh pressure metamorphism and geochemical cycles in subduction zones

Brief outline of the project

HP-UHP metamorphism and geochemical cycles in subduction zones” is widely discussed topic in the Solid Earth Sciences. The subduction zone is a major environment for material recycling between crust and mantle and are causing mantle heterogeneities. Especially fluids released from the subducting plate play a dominant role and are a significant trigger for melting processes.


  • How to quantitively constrain the HP-UHPmetamorphism?
  • How the evaluate the material cycle between the surface and the deepmantle?
  • Which geodynamic processes occur in subduction zone settings?

We plan to conduct comparative studies on different HP-UHP metamorphic belts such as for instance on the Early Proterozoic HP granulite belt in Trans-North China Craton, the Precambrian eclogite-facie belt in Karelia, Russia, the Mesozoic eclogite and blueschist belt in New Zealand, the HP-UHP metamorphic belt in the Western Alps and the young eclogitefacies belt in central Himalaya.

This project will promote (semi-) quantitive description of HP-UHP metamorphism and material cycles in subduction zones, and to expand our understanding of the geodynamic processes in subduction zone settings. A key focus will be on material and fluid transport, evolution of melts, processes of mantle metasomatism, geochemical and isotope cycles as well as on petrological and geochronological features.

Localities of HP- and UHP rocks from developed but especially also developing countries /regions are scheduled to become involved. Thus one of our aims is also to enhance a high-level cooperation between scientists from diverse social and political environments.


Related information

  • Duration: 2020-2024
  • IGCP Theme: Geodynamics


  • Project Leader: Dr. Lifei Zhang (China)
  • E-mail: Lfzhang(at)
  • Address: School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, 100871, China