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Project 701 - Seismic vulnerability of buildings located on hillsides

Brief outline of the project

In Latin America there is a large stock of residential buildings located on the slopes of the mountains that surround large cities. These buildings are usually precarious, since they lack urban planning to provide them with basic services, as well as lack of adequate engineering that allows them to guarantee the safety of said residential buildings against natural events that can become destructive such as storms, Landslides and earthquakes.

In addition to these existing conditions, it is found that the current construction standards do not have clear design recommendations to carry out an adequate seismic design of the structures located on hillsides and in proximity to them, not helping to mitigate their vulnerability by what is thought in the possibility that the seismic waves are amplified causing more damage compared to those that would originate in areas of flat topography. This paper aims to strengthen a group of experts to carry out a series of workshops and work meetings that address the issue of seismic vulnerability on hillsides, taking Latin America as a case study.

Related Information

  • Duration: 2020-2022
  • IGCP Theme: Geohazards


  • Dr. Edgar Giovanny Diaz Segura (Chile)
    Address: Avenida Brasil 2147, Piso 3, Valparaíso, Chile