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Project 693 - Seismic risk assessment in Haiti

Brief outline of the project

With 230 000 fatalities, the M7.0, 2010 Haiti earthquake dramatically revealed the tectonic activity of the region. Since then, some efforts have been carried out to understand the seismic hazard of the country. Several master and full PhD projects have been completed in seismology, geodesy, tectonics, seismotectonics, geotechnic, and so on. However, an accurate seismic risk map is needed for land-use planning and reconstruction.

In this project, we aim at collecting a multidisciplinary dataset including all geophysical data acquired from 2010 to 2019 together with societal exposure and vulnerability to present a seismic risk map as realistic as possible for Haiti. This includes several studies and activities such as extensive paleoseismic investigations, ground motion measurements, analysis on building practices and house occupancy. As a result, the data and maps produced during this project will be available for all Haitians and particularly used by the authorities in relocation of populations and issuance of building permits.

Related Information

  • Duration: 2020-2021
  • IGCP Theme: Geohazards


  • Dr. Newdeskarl Saint Fleur (Haïti), Dr. Marleine Brax (Lebanon), Dr. Gayatri Marliyani (Indonesia), Dr. James Darbouze (Haïti), Dr. Yann Klinger (France)
    Address: 272, Rue Mgr Guilloux, Port-au-Prince, Haïti