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Project 675 - Sandstone-Type Uranium Deposits

Project Updates - 2022 

Download the presentation on the Geological Association of Canada Annual Conference.

Brief outline of the project

Sandstone-type uranium deposits account for 27% of the uranium reserves and 49% of uranium supplies worldwide. This type of uranium deposits is large, easy to mine, of high economical value, and relatively environment friendly. The deposits are developed extensively in sandstones of Mesozoic-Cenozoic sedimentary basins within 20~50°both north and south latitudes (Fig. 1). The metallogenic process resembles globally but differs in detail regionally.

Key subjects of the proposed project focus mainly on:

  • comparative analysis of mineralization and geological background of worldwide sandstone-type uranium deposits;
  • application and dissemination of new technologies and new approaches of mining, development of guidance for global ore exploration, and training of young geologists, especially those from third world countries; and
  • utilisation of uranium resources to facilitate global energy saving and carbon emission reduction.

Societal benefits include:

  • This will contribute to exchange of ideas and expertise, further understanding of different approaches and enhancement of international cooperation.
  • The exchange of research ideas, methods, and knowledge of scientists from diverse social and political environments will promote and encourage future collaborations on earth systems research.
  • This project will improve the capacity building of graduate students and young/female scientists in the cooperating countries.

Fig. 1 The distribution of sandstone-type uranium deposits (red dot) worldwide

Related Information

  • Duration: 2019-2020
  • IGCP Theme: Earth Resources