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Project 669 - Identification of seismogenic faults in populated areas of Latin America and its incorporation into seismic hazard assessment

Brief outline of the project

OLLIN is a project aiming to set up a new collaborative framework between specialists and young researchers from both sides of the Atlantic to improve geological knowledge and seismic hazard assessment (SHA) of two populated regions of Latin America. These are the Transmexican Volcanic belt (TMVB) and the Northern Southamerica Plate Boundary (NSAPB), which extends from Ecuador to Colombia and Venezuela. To do so, three fundamental steps are undertaken; Firstly, data on the seismogenic potential of faults in these areas is gathered, discussed and selected. The most likely fault rupturing mechanisms are discussed, which will lead us to focus the fieldwork on areas which are relevant to SHA but lack information on key seismic parameters (slip rates, segmentation, complex versus simple ruptures, maximum expected earthquakes, etc.).

Secondly, the incorporation of that knowledge on seismogenic fault models into the SHA is conducted using existing Fault2SHA tools. This step includes the adaptation of those tools to these specific Latin American settings and the generation of new ones. Finally, results dissemination to society is ensured by the participation of stakeholders from civil protection, geological surveys and other end-users through special meetings, training courses and on-line access that allow to keep track of progress and results.


Related Information

  • Duration: 2020-2023
  • IGCP Theme: Geohazards


  • Dr María Ortuño (Spain)
    Address: Dept. of Earth and Ocean Dynamics Earth Science Department / Universitat de Barcelona Zona Universitària de Pedralbes / 08028 Barcelona, Spain