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Project 636 - Geothermal resources for energy transition

Project Updates - 2022

Born from the need to communicate their research results and data, the IGCP 636 project launched the GeotheRoom, a free virtual interactive space in English whose purpose is to disseminate the knowledge of geothermal energy to students and professionals.

A series of animations in Spanish, explaning geothermal energy were also created:  

Video 1: Kutani explains to Cocai and Andesita some basic concepts about geothermal energy.

Video 2: Kutani, Cocai and Andesita travel into the interior of the planet to explore the geothermal system

Video 3: Kutani, Cocai and Andesita travel across the planet to learn about different geothermal plants.


The project was also present at the Geological Association of Canada Annual Conference: Halifax May 16 - 17 2022. Download the presentation. 


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Brief outline of the project

Geothermal energy is exploited in many countries of the world as either low/ intermediate temperature resources (for building heating and cooling, district heating, greenhouses) or high temperature resources (for electricity generation). In general, electricity generation from geothermal energy remains poorly known to stakeholders, which require a better understanding of the challenges to ensure the energy transition to a low carbon society. In this context, geothermal resources provide renewable and clean energy to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.
High temperature geothermal resources are exploited through deep wells (1-5 km) drilled in reservoirs that can be highly heterogeneous volcanic complexes, sedimentary basins or old basement rocks. The reservoir permeability can be enhanced through different engineering techniques to improve productivity, although it may threaten social acceptability. Low or IGCP Project Proposal From 3 intermediate temperature resources are exploited with shallow (few meters) or intermediate boreholes (up to 1 km) mostly providing heating and cooling capacity.

The main objective of this project is to promote the use of geothermal resources as a clean, low-carbon, base-load, and renewable energy through:

  1. increasing knowledge and understanding of deep geothermal reservoirs,
  2. conducting outreach activities with focus groups and communities, and
  3. promoting the installation of geothermal heat pumps."


Related information

  • Project Leader: Dr Daniela Blessent (Colombia)
  • E-mail:
  • Address: Universidad de Medellin, Carrera 87 #30-65, Medellin, Colombia
  • Duration: 2020-2024
  • IGCP Theme: Earth Resources