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The International Conference of NGOs

The International Conference of NGOs, an element of collective cooperation explicitly provided for by the new Directives and held every two years, is a key forum for meeting and dialogue among NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO.  In particular, it is intended to “review the state of cooperation with UNESCO […] and facilitate cooperation between organizations having common interests”. The International Conference elects its Chairperson and an NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee made up of ten (10) NGOs, official partners of UNESCO. Its main role is to represent the interests of all the NGO partners with regard to UNESCO between conferences and ensure the proper functioning and efficiency of the partnership between the community of NGO partners and UNESCO. In addition, the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee is responsible to organize, in consultation with the UNESCO Secretariat, a twice-yearly NGO Forum on a UNESCO priority issue. For more information on the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee and its workplans for 2013-2014 consult the website