Focus area
Positioning intercultural dialogue: Theories, pragmatics and an agenda

Journal article aims to set an agenda for studies of intercultural dialogue, by establishing a link between scholarship and communication studies. 

Multiculturalism: Success, Failure and Future

This publication looks at the successes, failures and future of multiculturalism, using the Multicultural Policy Index. 

Sietar UK Blog

A blog from the company Sietar UK who claim to be the UK's 'leading society for intercultural education, training and research'. They put on events including conferences, professional development, and have an online blog. 

Constructing intercultural dialogue

This publications provides a series of case studies of intercultural dialogue. All in English, some available in other languages. All downloadable PDFs. 

An Authentic Experience of "Multiculturalism" at the Border City of Antakya (Çağdaş Türkiye Tarihi Araştırmaları Dergisi 2013-Bahar)

A journal article which argues that Antakya has been 'successful historically in protecting its plurality'. However, this is only possible to understand with a historical perspective, looking at the influence of the Ottoman and Kemalist legacies, inconjunction with modern pressures. 

VIDEO - Francesca Lionetti on how cities can lead the way in managing diversity

Living Diversity - Shaping Society project takes a close look at the reality of diversity in today's German society and asks how we can develop effective approaches to living together in cultural diversity that target social inclusion and allow everyone the opportunity to participate in all aspects of society.

VIDEO - Iva Krtalic on cultural diversity in the German media

The interview with Iva Krtalic was held during our expert workshop in Berlin in preparation for the launch of the Reinhard Mohn Prize 2018 research.

German with English subtitles

VIDEO - Riem Spielhaus on cultural diversity in schoolbooks

Cultural diversity is a reality in Germany. But is this fact also reflected in German schoolbooks? Professor Riem Spielhaus of the Georg Eckert Institute in Braunschweig comments on how diversity is being dealt with in German classrooms today. She concludes that Germany can learn from other countries in this regard.

German with English Subtitles

Projects and Programmes
Social cohesion and intercultural and inter-religious dialogue: The role of local authorities in public policies for the social inclusion of migrants

This publication highlights the content and exchanges of the first peer learning meeting in the “Mediterranean City-to-City Migration” project (MC2CM) on the role of municipal administrations in social cohesion and intercultural and inter-religious dialogue.

Also available in French and Spanish.

Projects and Programmes
Expert workshop in Berlin for the Reinhard Mohn Prize 2018 and Workshop

With the Reinhard Mohn Prize 2018, Bertelsmann Stiftung seeks to highlight ways in which living together in cultural diversity can be productively shaped. Following the Reinhard Mohn Prize’s motto – to “learn from the world” – we launched an international research project looking for good examples of dealing with cultural diversity that could also be translated usefully to Germany. The first results of this research were the subject of an expert workshop in Berlin in July featuring around 20 specialists in the field from academia, politics, the business sector, the media and civil society. In addition to experts from Germany, specialists from Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Israel also participated. The workshop participants together discussed strategies, projects and initiatives from 11 countries that combined the acknowledgment of cultural diversity with the goal of equal opportunities for participation.

In English and German.