Focus area
Courses / trainings
Intercultural Activity Toolkit: Culture Busters

A series of dialogues designed for an international student orientation program introducing foreigners to US cultural situations.

Courses / trainings
Education a la citoyennete et aux droits de l’homme: Manuel pour les jeunes en Mauritanie

This manual's primary objective is to provide an accessible, usable and useful tool for educators, facilitators, trainers and teachers involved in educational activities with young people so that they can raise awarenss curiosity about citizenship, common values and rule of law.

2013 Asia-Pacific Education Research Institutes Network (ERI-Net) Regional Study on Transversal Competencies in Education Policy and Practice

The publication is a consolidated report on the results of ten country studies carried out in 2013-2014 in the Asia-Pacific region. The report is essential to the understanding of how transversal competencies are viewed, implemented, and adapted in education policy and curriculum across the Asia-Pacific region.

Projects and Programmes
No Hate Speech Movement

A youth campaign of the Council of Europe for human rights online, to reduce the levels of acceptance of hate speech and to develop online youth participation and citizenship, including in Internet governance processes.