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Implementing gender equality with checklists

Sector gender checklists have been prepared to give concrete recommendations to properly address gender issues in the design of projects across different sectors. They provide a “how to” integrate gender equality and women’s empowerment objectives in a range of sectors, from energy to transport, going by urban development, health and many others.

Culture & disability, policies and practices in Asia and Europe

ASEF publishes a report that gives an overview on how both continents manage the accessibility of culture for disabled people

Opening the dialogue under a common concern: waste

Discover 'Khadra', a short documentary that follows four women in Tripoli, Lebanon, who are using recycling to transform and bring together the city’s Alawite and Sunni communities after the Syrian conflict reignited tensions and hundreds of people were killed in violent clashes.
The film will follow the women on their journey to form a recycling partnership between neighbourhoods with a history of extreme tension and violence.

Gender Equality Observatory for Latin America and the Caribbean

Discover a review and analysis of the processes of drawing up the gender equality plans now in place in Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Gender and development: news from the Asian Development Bank

Discover a great variety of news related to Gender and Development on the dedicated section of the Asian Development Bank.

The atlas of beauty

Do you believe that the definition of 'beauty' is unique?

Check out the amazing work of Mihaela Noroc, showcasing the multiple faces of beauty across the world and discover the stories of amazing women!

Projects and Programmes
How is higher education supporting refugees in Europe - Good practices

Discover a great variety of inclusive initiatives in higher education environments across Europe, supporting refugees in multiple dimensions: whether it deals with online learning, employment opportunities, financial support or recognition, the academic world is committing to support refugees in very concrete ways!

Including gender equality in the curriculum: discover the Gender Responsive Pedagogy of FAWE!

The model trains teachers to be more gender aware and equips them with the skills to understand and address the specific learning needs of both sexes. It develops teaching practices that engender equal treatment and participation of girls and boys in the classroom and in the wider school community.

Creating a Diversity Hub in an online media for more inclusive news

Gender is now a business critical issue. The online media Campaign is proud to launch, in conjunction with Women Leading Change and Campaign360, their very own Diversity Hub. The teams aim to provide the readers with the latest viewpoints and news from the gender frontlines as the industry builds a sustainable future of equal and fair workplaces.

Projects and Programmes
Civic engagement for an inclusive Barcelona

Barcelona city hall has built a dynamic map of all the local initiatives encouraging the construction of a more inclusive city: explore on the map a fantastic volume of concrete actions undertaken to fight for the rights of various communities