Focus area
The global fund for women impact report: gender equality in Asia & the Pacific

'The Global Fund for Women took on one of the most challenging of all of the Millennium  Development Goals—MDG 3—the goal of gender equality. Specifically, the Global Fund Breakthrough Project promoted gender equality and women’s empowerment in areas that require strong women-led activism: to end violence against women, promote  women’s  participation  in  politics  and  public administration,  and  secure  property,  inheritance  rights and broader employment opportunities for women. These are three distinctly important pillars of gender equality and women’s empowerment' Brooke Ackerly, Vanderbilt University.

Culture & disability, policies and practices in Asia and Europe

ASEF publishes a report that gives an overview on how both continents manage the accessibility of culture for disabled people

Free education from gender stereotypes: good practices accross Europe

Discover a quality compilation of good practicesto promote an education free from gender stereotypes and identifying ways to implement the measures which are included in the Committee of Ministers’ Recommendation on gender mainstreaming in education.

Projects and Programmes
Implementing gender equality with checklists

Sector gender checklists have been prepared to give concrete recommendations to properly address gender issues in the design of projects across different sectors. They provide a “how to” integrate gender equality and women’s empowerment objectives in a range of sectors, from energy to transport, going by urban development, health and many others.

Projects and Programmes
Diversity champions in higher education systems in the US

Discover concrete initiatives led in higher education systems in the US where diversity and inclusion represent core values.

By either developping campus communities or academic programs, get to know some of the diversity champions selected by the media 'Insight Into Diversity' and how they transformed the educational opportunities while building more inclusive environments.

Gender Equality Observatory for Latin America and the Caribbean

Discover a review and analysis of the processes of drawing up the gender equality plans now in place in Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Gender and development: news from the Asian Development Bank

Discover a great variety of news related to Gender and Development on the dedicated section of the Asian Development Bank.

Telling another story about refugees

Singa France, one of the key grassroots global movements for the inclusion of refugees, has created an online collaborative media, telling stories about the migrants, but from a very different angle: discover the great stories full of solidarity, hope and courage, that aims at changing the tone when talking about refugees and asylum seekers!


Creating a Diversity Hub in an online media for more inclusive news

Gender is now a business critical issue. The online media Campaign is proud to launch, in conjunction with Women Leading Change and Campaign360, their very own Diversity Hub. The teams aim to provide the readers with the latest viewpoints and news from the gender frontlines as the industry builds a sustainable future of equal and fair workplaces.