Focus area
Courses / trainings
Building Bridges: Creating a culture of diversity

The book consists of a Model of Best Practice, Teaching and Learning Resources and Community-School Engagement Models. In particular, the teaching modules aim to broaden student awareness of cultural diversity and develop a more informed understanding of Australia as a culturally diverse nation.

Education for Intercultural Understanding. Reorienting Teacher Education to Address Sustainable Development: Guidelines and Tools

This collection of teaching and learning materials was released within the series of UNESCO Bangkok publications “Reorienting Teacher Education to Address Sustainable Development: Guidelines and Tools”. The publication offers approaches designed to for promoting sustainable development concepts, intercultural understanding and peace culture through education.

Projects and Programmes
Creative Australia

Research on how creative activities can foster intercultural understanding and dialogue

2013 Asia-Pacific Education Research Institutes Network (ERI-Net) Regional Study on Transversal Competencies in Education Policy and Practice

The publication is a consolidated report on the results of ten country studies carried out in 2013-2014 in the Asia-Pacific region. The report is essential to the understanding of how transversal competencies are viewed, implemented, and adapted in education policy and curriculum across the Asia-Pacific region.