Focus area
Generation What Arabic

An online questionnaire to gather information about youth opinions and give them a voice. 

Projects and Programmes
Centre for Multicultural Youth Game Plan Resources

Game Plan is a suite of resources to support sports clubs to increase their cultural diversity and to attract and retain young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds in sport and sports clubs – as members, players, coaches, trainers and leaders.

Courses / trainings

WorldVuze is a map-based question and answer education platform where elementary and secondary students around the world can learn directly from each other.

Courses / trainings
O Diario de Amanha

O Diario de Amanha (Tomorrow’s Daily Newspaper) is an online game on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is an innovative tool to be used in the classroom, which interprets, in a light and creative way, what is expressed in the Universal Declaration. The game helps to clarify, disseminate and engage students in the defense of human rights.

Courses / trainings
Asia Capable Students

The Australian Curriculum provides extensive opportunities to develop Asia capable students. It provides a comprehensive suite of teaching and learning resources across all year levels and subject/learning areas to support this.

Courses / trainings
Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters

The resource was designed to encourage people to think about and learn from intercultural encounters they have had either face to face or through visual media such as such as television, magazines, films, the Internet, etc. Further material can be found on the website, notably Images of Others: An Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters through Visual Media (AIEVM) - this site can accessed only upon authentification, I would propose to skip this sentence.

The Autobiography is a set of learning materials  structured within the model of intercultural competences that includes four elements:

  • Knowledge and skills
  • Behaviour
  • Attitudes and feelings
  • Action
Intercultural Competences: Conceptual and Operational Framework

A comprehensive reference publication on the basic terminology needed in order to develop intercultural competences and to permit intercultural dialogue, as well as outlining a series of minimally necessary steps to take in sharing this knowledge with the largest number of others, across the greatest selection of contexts, possible.


The organization provides mentorship and training in audiovisual creation and filmmaking to Aboriginal youth in Canada in the hopes of creating jobs and educational opportunities in the film industry and countering high rates of suicide, drop-out and addiction. It hosts educational workshops and film screenings to raise awareness and educate the wider public about issues that Aboriginal communities face. Many of the short movies can be viewed on their homepage.

World Citizenship Education and Teacher Training in a Global Context

The guidelines are focused on pre-service teacher education courses related to the teaching of world citizenship in Canadaб India and South Africa and cover current and future developments in assessment aims, organization and structure, teaching and learning approaches, teacher specialization and training, and resources.

Projects and Programmes
Interactive game: Historical Museum of Abomey

Interactive game allowing children to become familiar with the history of the city of Abomey and its museum.