Focus area
Building the future on pathways to cultural diversity. Practises and projects from around the MENA region

The short project features aim to inspire further exchange and cooperation within and with the MENA region. The e-compilation “Building the Future” presents selected projects that had an impact on the cultural transformation in the MENA region in the period from 2011 to 2017. The publication is a joint co-production between long-standing like-minded partners working in and with the region. The aim of the publication is to showcase the wealth of talent and initiatives beyond MENA regional borders and share these with the international cultural community.

Civil Society Dialogue Compliance Project for Refugees

This publication is a study of refugee integration, based on four cities, Istanbul, Kayseri, Sakarya and Şanlıurfa.

Constructing intercultural dialogue

This publications provides a series of case studies of intercultural dialogue. All in English, some available in other languages. All downloadable PDFs. 

Projects and Programmes
Diverse City: A report on the co-design workshop. European Cultural Foundation

A co-design workshop by Migrationlab, The Hague University of Applied Sciences [HHS] and ECF at Laaktheater, The Hague. As a follow up to a preparatory workshop at HHS in April and to the ‘Peace Through Culture’ citizen’s dialogue of May 10th some 40 students, academics and cultural changemakers got together in The Hague’s Laaktheater on October 12th. The purpose? To identify concrete proposals and action plans to make our professional surroundings better reflect the diversity which is a given in our public space.

Positioning intercultural dialogue: Theories, pragmatics and an agenda

Journal article aims to set an agenda for studies of intercultural dialogue, by establishing a link between scholarship and communication studies. 

Multiculturalism: Success, Failure and Future

This publication looks at the successes, failures and future of multiculturalism, using the Multicultural Policy Index. 

An Authentic Experience of "Multiculturalism" at the Border City of Antakya (Çağdaş Türkiye Tarihi Araştırmaları Dergisi 2013-Bahar)

A journal article which argues that Antakya has been 'successful historically in protecting its plurality'. However, this is only possible to understand with a historical perspective, looking at the influence of the Ottoman and Kemalist legacies, inconjunction with modern pressures. 

Projects and Programmes
Social cohesion and intercultural and inter-religious dialogue: The role of local authorities in public policies for the social inclusion of migrants

This publication highlights the content and exchanges of the first peer learning meeting in the “Mediterranean City-to-City Migration” project (MC2CM) on the role of municipal administrations in social cohesion and intercultural and inter-religious dialogue.

Also available in French and Spanish.

Projects and Programmes
The 'Doing Diversity Project' Revitalising multiculturalism through intercultural dialogue and deliberative interventions

The ‘Doing Diversity Project’,  examines how the community sees the future of multiculturalism, their understanding of the emerging intercultural paradigm and the possibility for advancing the diversity agenda throughan alternative deliberative approach.

Teaching To and Through Cultural Diversity

This publication looks at culturally responsive teaching, including the conceptual frameworks and specific case studies, and how to implement these.