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Education a la citoyennete et aux droits de l’homme: Manuel pour les jeunes en Mauritanie

This manual's primary objective is to provide an accessible, usable and useful tool for educators, facilitators, trainers and teachers involved in educational activities with young people so that they can raise awarenss curiosity about citizenship, common values and rule of law.

Projects and Programmes

Since 1976, CRIAW-ICREF has been researching and documenting the economic and social situation of women in Canada. Using intersectional frameworks, they have developed and undertaken a variety of important, groundbreaking research that is women centred, many of which are showcased on the site.

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Young Arab Voices

The ‘Young Arab Voices’ is a regional project, jointly launched by the British Council and the Anna Lindh Foundation, aims at developing skills and opportunities for youth-led debate across the Arab region.

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Artist Alex Janvier

As a member of the commonly referred to "Indian Group of Seven", Janvier is a pioneer of contemporary Canadian aboriginal art in Canada.

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Online Training Resource “What's up with culture?”

This online course offers an opportunity to explore various aspects of intercultural communication and adjustment models and to learn what is required to be effective and comfortable while going abroad and living internationally.

Agree to Differ

A joint publication between UNESCO and Tudor Rose on the International Decade for the Rapproachement of Cultures (2013-22), including contributions from over 50 researchers committed to mobilising intercultural dialogue and enhanced cultural understanding to help achieve social cohesion and peace.

From Words to Actions

A portfolio which serves as a basic tool for capacity building in support of exchange, communication and cooperation beyond cultural, religious and national borders, allowing the emergence of a global citizenship in a safer world for all. The portfolio consists of a set of key resources - papers by international experts - exploring the linkage between respect for cultural diversity and human rights.

Projects and Programmes
Interactive game: Historical Museum of Abomey

Interactive game allowing children to become familiar with the history of the city of Abomey and its museum.

European Wergeland Center

The European Wergeland Centre (EWC) is a resource centre on education for intercultural understanding, human rights and democratic citizenship.

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Asia Capable Students

The Australian Curriculum provides extensive opportunities to develop Asia capable students. It provides a comprehensive suite of teaching and learning resources across all year levels and subject/learning areas to support this.