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ASEF public diplomacy handbook: HOW TO WIN HEARTS AND MINDS

The ASEF Public Diplomacy Handbook offers useful insights for diplomats and civil society actors on the topic of public diplomacy in Asia and Europe. The handbook provides a theoretical foundation and practical tools to construct a successful public diplomacy campaign in the context of Asia-Europe relations.


The organization provides mentorship and training in audiovisual creation and filmmaking to Aboriginal youth in Canada in the hopes of creating jobs and educational opportunities in the film industry and countering high rates of suicide, drop-out and addiction. It hosts educational workshops and film screenings to raise awareness and educate the wider public about issues that Aboriginal communities face. Many of the short movies can be viewed on their homepage.

The Dialogue Handbook

The book is a resource for youth leaders, or community organisers, to support the practical application of dialogue. It provides the theoretical background and practical knowledge to allow young leaders to use dialogue constructively for a range of purposes.

A Comparative Study on Global Citizenship Education between Korea and ASEAN

The publication summarizes the outcomes of the comparative study of the global citizenship education in Korea and ASEAN. It provides an analysis of the current situation of global citizenship education in Indonesia and Thailand and identifies the directions for global citizenship education to be mutually implemented in Korea and ASEAN on the basis of revealed distinctiveness of students’ global citizenship

Courses / trainings
O Diario de Amanha

O Diario de Amanha (Tomorrow’s Daily Newspaper) is an online game on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is an innovative tool to be used in the classroom, which interprets, in a light and creative way, what is expressed in the Universal Declaration. The game helps to clarify, disseminate and engage students in the defense of human rights.

Investing in Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue: UNESCO World Report

A comprehensive, global report on cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue which seeks to underline the advances of recent years to emphasize that cultural diversity has as its corollary intercultural dialogue, which implies a need to move beyond a focus on differences that can only be a source of conflict, ignorance and misunderstanding.

Festival du Monde Arabe de Montreal

The Arab World Festival of Montreal is a thematic event dedicated to the meeting of Arabic and Western cultures. Through its four sections – Performing Arts, Culture Forum, Cinema, and Orientalys – the festival presents modern bodies of work through original productions in dance, music, theater and multidisciplinary arts, debates, conferences, lectures and films, encouraging dialogue between cultural identities stemming from different horizons.

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Crossing border education

Crossing Borders Education sponsors and helps to create intercultural resources, films, and travel programs that empower individuals to view the world from multiple perspectives.

Courses / trainings
Building Bridges: Creating a culture of diversity

The book consists of a Model of Best Practice, Teaching and Learning Resources and Community-School Engagement Models. In particular, the teaching modules aim to broaden student awareness of cultural diversity and develop a more informed understanding of Australia as a culturally diverse nation.

Courses / trainings
Culture for Peace

This is an online course on sustainable development, citizenship and human rights in Africa.