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What Is Intercultural Sustainability? A First Exploration of Linkages Between Culture and Sustainability in Intercultural Research

This article is out to encourage a future debate on the potential as well as on the pitfalls of the notion of intercultural sustainability by providing a rapid appraisal of to-date uses of the term sustainability in connection with aspects of intercultural  communication and intercultural relations.

How people of color experience living in Germany

A video exploring the experience of people of colour living in Germany.

Religion and Peace in East Africa

According to the authors, "The objective of this study is to identify different levels of engagement among interreligious dialogue (IRD) players; identify gaps and improve tools for measuring IRD interventions in East Africa"

Courses / trainings

The symposium is a collaboration between three diverse Italian migration organisations - a welfare and cultural agency, a tertiary institute and a museum - each deeply connected with the community, institutions and culture of a cosmopolitan city which is also iconic of the Italian migrant and diasporic experience.

The Symposium - the first international conference of its kind - brings together researchers and practitioners from Australia, the United States, Italy and other locations to explore the vicissitudes of Italians and Italian identity in the transcultural spaces defined by mobility.

Museums as places for intercultural dialogue

This publication includes insights, reflections and learning points from the process, and includes a description of the 30 pilot projects carried out in Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Hungarian muséums, the main goal of developing the potential of muséums as places of intercultural dialogue and promoting more active engagement with the communities they serve.

It grew out of the European project Museums as Places for Intercultural Dialogue (MAP for ID)

Projects and Programmes
Search for Common Ground

According to the NGO,  it "works at all levels of society to build sustainable peace through three main avenues:
Dialogue+, Media+, and Community+"

Projects and Programmes
Higaunon & Subanen Cross sharing, Learning Reflection & Integration for Peace and Solidarity

The activity was able to surface narratives on commonalities and uniqueness of the Higaonon and Subanen tribes in relation to their customs and tradition; IP governance; leadership and preservation and management of their rich natural resources.

LIVING WITH DIFFERENCE: community, diversity and the common good

The Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public life was convened in 2013 by the Woolf Institute, which promotes the multidisciplinary study of relationships between Christians, Jews and Muslims.

The commission’s purpose is to consider the place and role of religion and belief in contemporary Britain, to consider the signifcance of emerging trends and identities, and to make recommendations for public life and policy. Its premise is that in a rapidly changing diverse society everyone is affected, whatever their private views on religion and belief, by how public policy and public institutions respond to social change. Under the leadership of Baroness Butler-Sloss the 20 commissioners – incorporating adherents of the main religious and belief traditions within the UK, including humanism – have met frequently.

They have taken evidence from a wide range of people, and have journeyed around the UK and through its social and economic, religious and cultural, legal and political, academic and educational landscapes.Their report sets out their main conclusions and recommendations.

Projects and Programmes
Middle East Dialogue: A New Collective Vision

Conference in March 2018 by the Middle East Dialogue department, for policy makers, scholars, business and social leaders. There is a call for proposals for this conference

Projects and Programmes
Religious Sisterhood: Encounters of Gender, Religion and Belonging in the UK

This ethnographic study focuses on the emergence of grassroot female interfaith initiatives, analysing the creative ways religious women negotiate their challenges and struggles as women of faith, together.